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  Risk high Attention, today / Works / Water release / Overflow.
High danger of floodings.
  Risk medium Today / Lot of water upstream / Storm / Overflow possible.
Considerable danger of floodings. We advise not to go!
  Risk low

Today No maneuvers. No release of water planned.

Activities on the reservoirs and in the riverbeds downstream of the Ofima and Ofible plants.

The hydroelectric plants have considerably changed the flow regimes of the rivers downstream.
In these riverbeds you have to be very careful.

Possible reasons for strong and sudden flash floods

  • Even in periods of good weather, when a river intake is being closed (by remote control, obstruction, technical breakdown), the water normally diverted through tunnels, will overtop and return to the natural riverbed. A full lake overtops when its power plant is shut down.
  • In case of rainfall, the rivers can quickly flood for natural reasons or for flushing operations of the reservoirs and river intakes. Also, after dry periods, sediments and debris can obstruct the river and form natural dams that, collapsing suddenly, may create a flood wave.
  • After rainfall stops,  the river intakes obstructed with sand and the basins must be flushed by gradually opening the scour gates, releasing water mixed with sediments into the riverbed.

This can considerably increase the flow within a few minutes !!
These events are often unforeseeable !!

The Officine Idroelettriche della Maggia SA (Ofima) and the Officine Idroelettriche di Blenio SA (Ofible)

1. prohibit within the limits of the law and strongly dissuade any activity in the reservoirs and along the riverbeds downstream of intakes, dams and power plants due to the risk of sudden and unpredictable increases of the river flows.

2. are not obliged to limit the production of their own plants in order to favour the practice of activities on the reservoirs and in the riverbeds. Ofima and Ofible have no obligation to forewarn and decline all responsibility for accidents that could occur.

3. The information released by our personnel in regard of flushing, overtopping or any other operation, have the purpose of advising of the increased dangers. They are indicative only, are not binding and do not authorise anybody to venture onto the reservoirs and into in the riverbeds.

Persons venturing into the lakes and riverbeds, do this at their own risk, have to be conscious of the dangers and have to assume the complete responsibility.